Monday, 18 September 2017

Best Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency Exchanges To Buy and Sell coins

Bitcoin is a digital currency that allows payments and transfers of securities through the Internet without the use of any kind of intermediary. Bitcoin is a digital currency where issuing and verifying transactions are executed without the intervention of a central bank or clearinghouse.

Regularly when the subject of Bitcoin arises in any conversation, within five minutes of explanation the mandatory question is:

"Ok, and how can I buy bitcoins?"

To get bitcoins there are three ways:

a) Bitcoins mines – You need to mine them to collect bitcoins
b) Purchasing bitcoins through online exchanges
c) Purchases directly from person-to-person in exchange for cash (Localbicoins)

There are numerous trading platforms with bitcoin, many of them besides being able to operate with bitcoin they also allow to operate with several other cryptocurrencies like litecoin, ETH, NEM, ....

Trading platforms with European bitcoin

Trading with bitcoin in Bitstamp

Bitstamp is without a doubt the leading trading platform in Europe in terms of trading volume. With an average daily volume of around 15'000 bitcoins, Bitstamp is backed by investment firm Pantera Capital, which gives traders the peace of mind of being able to operate with a well-established and capitalized company. It strictly complies with the AML / KYC legislation, so traders have to declare their entity and no one can operate anonymously. It should be mentioned that he suffered a hacking in early January 2015 with the consequent theft of about 19,000 bitcoins. The company said that none of its customers were affected by this theft, the company assumed all the losses. Following this hack and in order to improve the security of the platform, Bitstamp implemented a multi-signature system to prevent a single person from seizing the bitcoins, such a system requires the explicit acceptance of the user when removing the bitcoins. In terms of functionality, Bitstamp is a bit short on its competitors. It offers very few types of orders, the only thing we can highlight are the limit orders. Like all other trading platforms with bitcoin, Bitstamp has an API, allowing you to write programs to interact remotely with the platform.

At European level, it is also worth mentioning the following trading platforms: is widely used by trading bots via its API.
Kraken that allows trading with several currency pairs (BTC / EUR, BTC / USD, BTC / GBP and BTC / JPY).
Coinfloor if you live in the UK and want to trade primarily with Sterling Pounds.

Asian trading platforms with bitcoin

Trading with bitcoin in Bitfinex - You can consider Bitfinex as the trading platform with bitcoin par excellence. This platform was founded in 2013 and operates from Hong Kong. Bitfinex traders are the leaders of the bitcoin BTC / USD price with respect to the other platforms, they are the trendsetters of the price evolution with respect to the Dollar. It has an average daily trading volume that exceeds 50'000 bitcoins and offers the most liquidity with a minimum bid / ask spread. In addition to the bid and ask orders, we can operate with limit orders, stop, trailing stop and fill or kill orders. Bitfinex was also one of the first platforms to introduce features such as margin trading (short / long) and swaps. Like all rival platforms it offers an API that allows us to remotely implement trading algorithms, bots, etc ...

Three platforms that fight to conquer the Chinese market of bitcoin trading. We talk about OKCoin, BTCChina and Huobi. OKCoin is the one that usually brings more volume of the three – But currently china regulators asked all these exchanges to stop operations by sept 30th 2017.

American bitcoin trading platforms

Trading with bitcoin in Coinbase- Coinbase was made known with its payment processor in bitcoin, and recently also offers a trading service with bitcoin. Coinbase is one of the most recognized and leading companies within the Bitcoin world. It received investments of more than 75 million dollars. Although its payment processor is available in many countries, its exchange is currently reserved for residents of the United States. Coinbase takes great care of the legislation and has received the necessary licenses from the US monetary authorities to operate as a trading platform.

Bittrex is one of the largest exchange in which you can buy and sell Crypto Coins and digital assets quickly, has a large number of users and is regulated with possession of BitLicense, a business license for encrypted activities issued by the State Department of New York. This regulation defines the business activity of companies and entered into force in August 2015. Another of the companies that obtained approval for this license is Coinbase, many others were denied.

Trading with bitcoin at Gemini- Gemini is emerging as a serious competitor to Coinbase for the US market. It was created by the famous Winklevoss brothers. It is not yet open to the public, it is addressed to both private US residents. as well as institutional clients. Gemini pays close attention to complying with current US legislation. It promises to be a hard opponent against Coinbase in the battle of platforms of trading with bitcoin to dominate the American market.

If you live in Mexico and would like to trade with Bitcoin and Mexican Pesos, there are two trading platforms in this country that are meXBT and Bitso.



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