Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Ohni Free Airdrop Coins - Hurry up before it ends

Please don't miss this opportunity to get these free coins and it is limited to only some people so hurry up before it closes.

Each person will get 10,000 coins on their Ether wallet address in next 48 hours. So you need to have your own Ether wallet

If you don't have Ether wallet then you can create one before you claim air drop coins -

Here is the Ohni free Airdrop claim URL -

They also give some coins to the referrer and if this blog was useful for you then please put mine below Etherum address in referrer place.

They will ask you to put referrer addres then you please put my address - 0x2cb723F8b70AC30879bb9d77156c80693bdf76dE

My ETH address to put in referrer place - 0x2cb723F8b70AC30879bb9d77156c80693bdf76dE

Good Luck....

How to lease Waves tokens/coins to earn some extra income on weekly basis?

It is one of the best altcoins to invest to earn good profit in next two to three years time.

Wavesplatform is very easily scalable, low-cost transfer, decentralised, auditable and can create a new token in 60 seconds.

It has their exchange called it as a DEX. It is very secure, fast and decentralised exchange. This exchange is still under development. If this development finish, then price of waves can reach around 50 USD easily so don't miss the chance now to buy and store.
The best part of waves is you can earn some free tokens by leasing your waves tokens. It is not a get rich program, but instead of keeping your waves in wallet ideal you can lease them to earn some free tokens on a weekly basis.

Another best part of waves leasing is your waves will not leave your wallet and you can un-lease anytime you want. So without any work, you can earn some extra income by leasing your waves token.

Note - This is the leasing address   3P4MRJvttkghWsXxGZ61kqd2M79GtLujoey
It is not mine but I have leased my waves to this address.

1. Download your wallet from chrome app store -

2. Buy your waves either from this wallet, or you can buy from any other exchanges and transfer to your chrome wallet

3. How to lease your WAVES? - Click on L button in your waves wallet

4. In recipient place past this address: 3P4MRJvttkghWsXxGZ61kqd2M79GtLujoey

    Mention how many waves you want to lease and Click on LEASE

3P4MRJvttkghWsXxGZ61kqd2M79GtLujoey is belongs to  and they will share a 100% of all the Transactions Rewards with his lenders on a weekly basis.

Bankroll Investments Will Give Good Returns In Short Term Or Long Term?

Many people want to grow their bitcoins to earn some extra income, and some of them may try to invest in some of the high yield investment program to get some quick profit and end up losing their money because those HYIP sites are mostly scam programs.

They just want to get people money and disappear with their deposits and again come up with another new site with a different concept to cheat people again. So you guys should never invest in those kinds of scam programs.

If you can take some risks, then another best option for growing Bitcoin is casino bankroll investments. These bankroll investments are high risk, and in the long term, you can make some good profit.

If you need funds in a couple of months or early then never invest your Bitcoins or any other altcoins in any casino bankrolls because these bankroll investments take the time to give you profit. Sometimes if anyone player wins a big amount, then you may need to wait for a long time to recover your losses from these investments.

So if you want to avoid those losses in the longer term, the best option is diversifying your funds in few good casino bankrolls. If you diversify then even one casino gives you losses other investments will make up those losses, and in the long term you will be in profit.

In the next blog, I will share invest progress in some of the casinos and will post either weekly or twice in a month those casino performances.

If you properly diversify your money and invest in few good casino bankrolls then bankroll investments will give a very good profit.

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Bitsend Free Airdrop Coins - How To Get Free Airdrop coins?

Bitsend is a digital network and it is a very long term project. 33 Years long POW period and the main aim of this coin is to distribute faily to entair user base.

The transactions are superfast on a 10 MB blockchain.

They are distributing these coins on every Monday to all the registor members on a equal quantity.

It is not a get rich in short period program but you can get around $5 to 6 coins very week freely until 2019. Yes, they are going to distribute these free coins until 2019.

This airdrop started in 25.04.2016 and it will continue upto 22.04.2019.

To participate in this free airdrop program you need to be an active bitcointalk member and atleast a senior member in the forum.

If you're a senior member on bitcointalk forum then surely you will get these free coins without any issue.

How to register to this free airdrop program you can find more details here -

How To Get Free Byteball and Blackbytes Airdrop Every Month?

How To Get Free Byteball and Blackbytes Airdrop Every Month?

Byteball is a Risk-free conditional smart payments method. Which means you no need to depend on any external escrow services to have a deal with another person online. Instead, you can set your terms and condition and send payment online. If the conditions are not met, then payments will return to your account automatically.

You can read more details about conditional payment here -

You got a chance to get these coins freely without doing any work. You may be wondering how it is possible? Yes, it is possible, and it is not a scam program.

You just need to have bitcoins in your wallet to receive these free coins every month. If I'm not wrong, they have distributed so far almost 35% coins and still 65% coins yet to distribute to the people whoever is holding bitcoins.

If just need to store your coins in any of the wallets from which you can sign a message to get these free coins.

Just go to this page and get free coins every month -

Hurry up and don't miss this chance.

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Monday, 14 August 2017

How to get a free bitcoins for the beginners?

How to get a free bitcoins for the beginners?

Since last one-year Bitcoin prices went up from few hundreds of dollars to 4100$ (Price while writing this post).

Because of its growth now many new people are interested to jump in into cryptocurrency investments.

But because of its high price, if you're not sure whether to invest now or later. Then no need to worry start getting some free bitcoins now from this site.

It may not be a very big amount but you will get a chance to have some free bitcoins from this well-known site.

This is the site

This site gives some free coins every one hour and if you join using above link then they will give some free coins to me as well. But I'm not interested in those coins so if you send me your username then I can transfer back to your account which I earned from referrals.

I will transfer these coins on every Sunday to your account.

After sign up you just leave your user name in below comments then I will send back your coins every Sunday without fail.

This is the first step to get some free bitcoins and not way to become rich.