Saturday, 9 September 2017

Monaco Token Price Sky Rocketed After The Fake News About VISA Partnering

As we all know that Monaco sky rocketed after the fake news about VISA partnering and app release. No wonder Chinees government banned all ICO this week. 

People who ever brought this token during ICO sales made a very good profit but people who bought during its peak price over $20 already under a huge loss. Prices already corrected around 60% from its highest price. 

These kinds of fake news and some whales are fully manipulating cryptocurrency markets. I want to clear things up with Monaco. I will be honest and brave enough to say that we got cheated by Monaco team. It turned out that MCO has NO partnership with VISA whatsoever yet. Due to the fact that MCO rocket was fueling by rumours and led by weak hands - massive dump occurred. FUD (fear-uncertainty-doubt) came to market and took it down.

However, I suggest you not to sell at loss and just be patient. This is a perfect example how immature and wild crypto market is. How some fake news and couple of whales can manipulate the price in a matter of hours. To our turn, that is good news since we are able to make a good profit in a  month just because of that. 

Always remember that don't invest more than 10% of your total balance on any single coin. Experts always say that don't put all your eggs in one basket. That is called diversification. With proper diversification, you save money in these kinds of fake news losses.

Because of this fake news and app releasing this token price has went up almost 2600% from the token release to the markets. That's many people say that if you invest on correct ICO then you can become rich within a short time but if failed to judge the correct ICO then you can also become poor within no time. So never invest all your money in any single investment even though you're very sure about the product. 



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