Friday, 8 September 2017

Bitcoin Prices Crushed Or Dips Again Due To China Ban Rumors On Cryptocurrency

China is now and then giving a hard time to all cryptocurrency investors so many times. We have already seen that in 2017 and even back to 2013. You just need to understand that no one can ban Bitcoin. That is virtually impossible since cryptocurrency is Decentralised meaning there is no centre you can shut down.

As of now little or no evidence that China bans crypto currency. It's more likely that whales are dumping in order to buy back cheaper. And do you know why they succeeding on this? Because of some weak hands or new investors who can sell in a panic.

When this news came out saying China banned bitcoins it was a night in China and Government officials may be sleeping or out of the office. No one banned the Bitcoin. That is all rumours to make you panic.

Do not do sell Bitcoin now in a panic instead now it is already weekend so just go and enjoy your weekend come back to see some recovery in the Bitcoin prices.

Now it is time to enjoy not to worry much because you got a chance to buy coins at a lower price compared to yesterday prices. Remember that real money is made when people are selling in a panic and now is the right time to buy and hold.

Bitcoin has a story ahead and all these are small down turns and don't get panic for these small things and lose a chance to make huge profits in the future.

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