Friday, 25 August 2017

How to make money from Crytpo Currencies?

Most of the new investors will be asking themselves whether should they sell some coins even at a loss. Or why their coins are going down instead of going up.

The essential thing is you shouldn’t be panic for short term fluctuations. If the coin doesn't go up immediately, then most of the new investors start to stress about it, and anxiety kicks in. But real investors and traders know how to handle that pressure, and they don't stress over coin stuck in price for one week. They know how to wait and take advantage of that. They re-buy on dips and use ladder techniques to average that coin price. The real money comes to strong hands and a patient mind.

If you were a non-crypto investor, who needs to wait years of a bear market but in the crypto currency market, you will get the chances to sell your coins very soon so I don't encourage you to sell at a loss and please have some patient make money from your cryptocurrency investments.

S&P500 is having around 10% of gains this year. These traditional investors who invested in stocks, bonds, metals are happy with this 10%. Here, in the crypto world we talking hundreds of %! Per month!

So when you buy any coins make sure your buying coins only after doing a technical or fundamental analysis. However, sometimes we all make mistakes because we all are human. If your coins by mistake start going down, then don’t be a panic instead start averaging your coins and after some time you will make decent profits.

Don't be weak hands and have some strong mind. Invest maximum 5 to 10% or even less in any single coin. Because of some people if they think and someone suggests them it got a bright future then they will invest all in any one coin. It is the biggest mistake in any investments so don’t make this any mistake.

Remember never invest 50% or 80% of your portfolio funds in any single product or coins because that is not a clever way of investment.