Saturday, 9 September 2017

Monaco Token Price Sky Rocketed After The Fake News About VISA Partnering

As we all know that Monaco sky rocketed after the fake news about VISA partnering and app release. No wonder Chinees government banned all ICO this week. 

People who ever brought this token during ICO sales made a very good profit but people who bought during its peak price over $20 already under a huge loss. Prices already corrected around 60% from its highest price. 

These kinds of fake news and some whales are fully manipulating cryptocurrency markets. I want to clear things up with Monaco. I will be honest and brave enough to say that we got cheated by Monaco team. It turned out that MCO has NO partnership with VISA whatsoever yet. Due to the fact that MCO rocket was fueling by rumours and led by weak hands - massive dump occurred. FUD (fear-uncertainty-doubt) came to market and took it down.

However, I suggest you not to sell at loss and just be patient. This is a perfect example how immature and wild crypto market is. How some fake news and couple of whales can manipulate the price in a matter of hours. To our turn, that is good news since we are able to make a good profit in a  month just because of that. 

Always remember that don't invest more than 10% of your total balance on any single coin. Experts always say that don't put all your eggs in one basket. That is called diversification. With proper diversification, you save money in these kinds of fake news losses.

Because of this fake news and app releasing this token price has went up almost 2600% from the token release to the markets. That's many people say that if you invest on correct ICO then you can become rich within a short time but if failed to judge the correct ICO then you can also become poor within no time. So never invest all your money in any single investment even though you're very sure about the product. 

Friday, 8 September 2017

Bitcoin Prices Crushed Or Dips Again Due To China Ban Rumors On Cryptocurrency

China is now and then giving a hard time to all cryptocurrency investors so many times. We have already seen that in 2017 and even back to 2013. You just need to understand that no one can ban Bitcoin. That is virtually impossible since cryptocurrency is Decentralised meaning there is no centre you can shut down.

As of now little or no evidence that China bans crypto currency. It's more likely that whales are dumping in order to buy back cheaper. And do you know why they succeeding on this? Because of some weak hands or new investors who can sell in a panic.

When this news came out saying China banned bitcoins it was a night in China and Government officials may be sleeping or out of the office. No one banned the Bitcoin. That is all rumours to make you panic.

Do not do sell Bitcoin now in a panic instead now it is already weekend so just go and enjoy your weekend come back to see some recovery in the Bitcoin prices.

Now it is time to enjoy not to worry much because you got a chance to buy coins at a lower price compared to yesterday prices. Remember that real money is made when people are selling in a panic and now is the right time to buy and hold.

Bitcoin has a story ahead and all these are small down turns and don't get panic for these small things and lose a chance to make huge profits in the future.

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Tuesday, 5 September 2017

XAPO Debit Card Will Stop Working On Oct 15th - Cryptocurrency Online Wallet

You all guys should be knowing that XAPO online wallet once was very popular to receive and send bitcoins at free of charge. So this wallet was quite popular to receive faucet earning instantly from all faucet sites. But recently they have stopped that facility due to high Bitcoin transactions fees. Now they charge slightly higher transaction fee compared to other online wallets like blockchain online wallet.

Another best feature they were providing until now was their debit card. This debit card you can use to buy online some items and also you can use it to withdraw cash from ATM's. They usually charge some fee for each and every transaction you do with these cards. But it was very convenient if someone wants to withdraw cash instantly. 

In order to buy or withdraw cash one must first send bitcoins to your XAPO wallet then only you can do these transactions.

But just received an email from XAPO. Wave Crest Holdings Limited, will no longer maintain or issue Visa® Cards to cardholders outside of the European territory.

If you stay outside of the Wavecrest European territory your card will still function until 15 October 2017 11:59 PM GMT. After that, your card will not function but your account will be still active and you can able to use Xapo products and services except using your debit card functions.

Your current debit card still functions normally until October 15th so you can still do a normal transaction of withdrawing funds or other transactions as usual.

If you have any debit card charges which came in after 15 October 2017, those charges will be charged to your wallet accordingly.

If you are a resident of a European territory then you can continue using this card without any issues but you need to prove that you belong to European Territory. For that you need to login into your XAPO account and submit the required proof otherwise you will lose your debit card facilities after 15th of October.

I was using this card for more than two years without any issue but now need to find another good Bitcoin debit cards to withdraw cash.

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Monday, 4 September 2017

China Has Banned ICOs and Token Sales

With immediate affect, China has banned all ICO sales and they also will probe in few companies find out any wrong doing has done in the past. But as of now not sure which are those companies, they will target for now or they will go again all the companies in China.

This news has created a panic in the crypto world and most of the coins are now following like no bottom. But if you're a smart investor then take this opportunity to accumulate some good altcoins at lower prices.

Central Bank of China has determined that placements in the crypto-currency market, called ICO or Initial Coin Offerings, are illegal and the proceeds must be repaid. This is the most drastic measure at the height of these operations, in which a company creates a crypto tokens and sells it to the public. Instead of obtaining shares of the company, the investor receives tokens or currencies created by the company that, in the future, may have real value, in a sort of crowd funding backed by imaginary currencies.

Crypto-currency fever caused by the vertical rise in bitcoin prices has led to the boom in these operations. The ICO has raised 1.6 billion dollars (1,333 million euros) in the last year, thanks to investors intent on having in their virtual hands the next philosopher's stone, also virtual, of course.

The People's Bank of China believes that, after conducting an investigation into this market, it will strictly penalize the sale of invented coins and will pursue possible irregularities in the transactions already closed. Anyone who has sold crypto tokens to the public must return the funds, although the bank has not determined how. Exchange platforms will not be able to change ICOs' coins per traditional currency, and banks will not be able to participate in them.

The measure punishes one of the most avid markets for crypto-currencies and responds to the supervisor's fear that the Chinese rush for Bitcoin and its imitators will risk the financial system. In China, 43 companies have traded their own currencies.

The US markets supervisor, the SEC, has warned about these operations but has not banned them. Yes, it has forced operations to register. Some studies consider that 10% of the ICOs are scams.