Tuesday, 5 September 2017

XAPO Debit Card Will Stop Working On Oct 15th - Cryptocurrency Online Wallet

You all guys should be knowing that XAPO online wallet once was very popular to receive and send bitcoins at free of charge. So this wallet was quite popular to receive faucet earning instantly from all faucet sites. But recently they have stopped that facility due to high Bitcoin transactions fees. Now they charge slightly higher transaction fee compared to other online wallets like blockchain online wallet.

Another best feature they were providing until now was their debit card. This debit card you can use to buy online some items and also you can use it to withdraw cash from ATM's. They usually charge some fee for each and every transaction you do with these cards. But it was very convenient if someone wants to withdraw cash instantly. 

In order to buy or withdraw cash one must first send bitcoins to your XAPO wallet then only you can do these transactions.

But just received an email from XAPO. Wave Crest Holdings Limited, will no longer maintain or issue Visa® Cards to cardholders outside of the European territory.

If you stay outside of the Wavecrest European territory your card will still function until 15 October 2017 11:59 PM GMT. After that, your card will not function but your account will be still active and you can able to use Xapo products and services except using your debit card functions.

Your current debit card still functions normally until October 15th so you can still do a normal transaction of withdrawing funds or other transactions as usual.

If you have any debit card charges which came in after 15 October 2017, those charges will be charged to your wallet accordingly.

If you are a resident of a European territory then you can continue using this card without any issues but you need to prove that you belong to European Territory. For that you need to login into your XAPO account and submit the required proof otherwise you will lose your debit card facilities after 15th of October.

I was using this card for more than two years without any issue but now need to find another good Bitcoin debit cards to withdraw cash.

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